What Makes Your Blockchain Brand Special?

With the availability of digital marketing tools, and the growing amount of resources to utilize them, it’s no surprise that many blockchain companies of all sizes are expanding their brand presence quickly.

Standing out from the crowd

Any decent businessperson knows that their brand stands out from among its competitors by highlighting, improving and perfecting what makes them different. It doesn’t matter if you’re a huge multinational, or a small enterprise, or even a one-man show, you get business by being different from the rest offering the same type of product or service as you.

Now the marketing term for this is Unique Selling Proposition (USP) — as far as acronyms go, not a very interesting term for non-marketers to hear. But it’s what entire marketing departments and budgets spend a lot of money into discovering.

In essence, the USP is your brand’s advantage over others. It’s what makes you stand out from the crowd. The bigger your sector, the more competitors you have, or the smaller your clientele, the more important this USP becomes.

You see, customers may not know it, but when they make a buying decision, it’s usually highly correlated with the USP of the brand they’re buying from. In their mind, they’ve made a decision that rests solely on the fact that the brand they are purchasing is the one that has an advantage over all the rest of the other options.

For many brands, this is going to be quite straightforward. You go directly with cost-efficiency and try to be the most cost-effective among competitors. This doesn’t necessarily mean “the cheapest”, as consumers these days also associate cost with quality. In fact, this consumer association of cost with quality leads to the situation where many luxury brands actually have “most expensive” as their USP!

Which watch should I buy? Brand A, because it’s the most expensive… go figure! But it works, and that’s the special thing about a well thought-out USP.

For other brands, being innovative and creative work for them well. They market themselves as first-movers and associate their brand with trendsetting products that are the first of their kind.

Think of Apple or Samsung who’re constantly in a cellphone arms race to ship out the “world’s first foldable phone” or “first face-sensing screen” or “world’s slimmest”… it actually gets more ridiculous but they can afford to, because they’ve hammered home their USP of being “the first” so people will buy them whether or they understand what “the first 50 megapixel TruFeel Iris Retina camera phone” actually means.

It’s not all about features and price

Modern digital marketers understand that the USP has become slightly more complex than that these days.

Brands tend to be more people-centric now, and understand that millennials and the Z generation want to engage more with their brands, and want to buy products that they believe resonate with their values.

So you have brands that then model their USPs around very emotional themes. Some go for the “wow factor” to ensure they always remain relevant to trendy audiences. Others align themselves with desirable values of their audience — UK football club Forest Green Rovers have made an entire USP around being the most ethical football club in the world by being completely vegan, with a future stadium built entirely from wood, and being the first UN certified zero carbon sports club in the world. Is it any surprise that they have a huge fanbase of young people who love their activism and sustainable outlook?

At CryptoMarketeer, when you ask us to help you with blockchain marketing, we always want to make sure we’ve got your USP pat down.

You might not even know what makes you so special, or what your blockchain brand’s special sauce is all about, but that’s where we excel. We dig in, looking thoroughly at your competitors and audiences, and then at your products and services. Then we show you our findings and talk you through about a USP that works for you.

We’ve had clients coming in and not realizing they had a hidden USP under their own eyes. But that’s fine, that’s our job.

So before you set out on your next grand marketing scheme, just be sure you know what you’re all about, so you can let your marketing efforts really focus on that distinctive USP that tells people what you (and only you) are all about.

Better still, get in touch with us and let us help you discover what makes your brand so special.

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