How to use your ETH and BTC if you want to invest in the first round of our ICO on the 20th of September 2017

In this tutorial we go through some major steps on how to use your ETH and BTC in the upcoming UTRUST ICO — from wallet creation to sending the payment. We still advise you to read our T&Cs regarding the ICO in order for you to be informed with such investment.

Please visit:

Regarding online security, always verify that you are on the official UTRUST website and is SSL protected. Use your favorite browser, otherwise we recommend Google Chrome.

ICO participants can send funds from any wallet, including wallets from exchanges. Either in BTC or ETH.


To receive your UTK tokens once the ICO closes you must have an Ethereum wallet. Most importantly do not use an exchange wallet to receive tokens.

Just to give you a few options for that:

1. MyEtherWallet is a website that allows you to create, send & receive ETH without having someone control your private keys. You need to generate a wallet first and the site will create a public-private key pair for you which will be protected by your password of course. cannot access accounts, recover keys, reset passwords nor reverse transactions.

2. Mist is the official Ethereum wallet. It takes a while to install and synchronize with all Ethereum nodes but after installation it runs smoothly. When sync is completed you need to set a secure password which you are required to remember for good as no other way to access your wallet again if you forget this password. You don’t need to worry about your security as your private keys are on your device itself. Mist has also ShapeShift built in for exchanging other digital currencies as well.

Even though Ethereum has been around a few years now and we see every day more & more updates on altcoin-wallets, it could be still a risky game to store your tokens or your ETH on a crypto-wallet so we strongly recommend you to protect your private keys and use a wallet which doesn’t own your private keys. Plus we would love to hear your experiences with storing ETH & ERC-20 tokens and feel free to recommend any relevant unmentioned crypto-wallets.

How to buy your UTK?

Step by step guide:

1.Sign up in UTRUST

Go to UTRUST website and select ‘SIGN IN’. You will be presented with the sign in screen. Then select ‘SIGN UP’. ( )

After your selection you will be presented with a screen to gather your details for your account.

All fields are required. Please read our Terms and Conditions and accept them. At this stage unfortunately we can not accept US citizens regarding the recent SEC ruling.

After filling in your information and accepting both terms select ‘Register’you will be presented with the confirmation screen.

2. Confirming your account

At this stage check the inbox of the email you used to sign up for the confirmation email.

If you didn’t receive in a minute check your spam folder.

You should have an email from us regarding the registration process. Open it and confirm your account by clicking on the link ‘Confirm my account’.

After clicking it you should be presented with the following message that your account is confirmed.

Right now you are ready to SIGN IN. ( )

3. Sign in and check your investment address

Fill in your email and password to SIGN IN and you will be presented to UTRUST’s Dashboard.

You will be presented with the Conversion Tool and addresses for both Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) investment addresses.

For security reasons, each investor has their own addresses.

After the opening of the ICO you will be presented with the addresses and a deposit list used for having a trail of the status of your investment, and the amount of UTRUST tokens that you have.

The addresses on these images are only for illustration purposes.

ETH Transfers: If you can change your Gas limits, please put the Gwei at 50 and Gas limit 200000 so that your transfer will be as fast as possible.

BTC Transfers: Unfortunately confirmations are much slower on the BTC blockchain so you need to wait (sometimes waiting can be a couple of hours as well) to get at least 3 confirmations for the transfer to be validated.

If you still have any question, hit us up on Slack, Facebook, Twitter or email us at and one of our customer support warrior will answer your question gladly.

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