Top Bitcoin and Crypto Twitter accounts to follow in 2021

Although Bitcoin and crypto personalities and communities are found everywhere on the internet these days, with practically every social media platform now home to the crypto diaspora, it’s difficult to deny that Twitter is really the true home of active discussion and sentiment on crypto.

Crypto Twitter isn’t just a euphemism, it’s an apt description of the thousands of conversations going on round the clock on Twitter about all things blockchain and crypto. And because content lives on Twitter for minutes, the chatter happens at breakneck speed: Twitter Storms with crypto may last days, but people quickly move on, reflecting the brief but furious lifespans of crypto conversations online.

So with all that noise going on, it can be difficult to keep a finger on the pulse of crypto, which is why I’ve curated a list of Top Bitcoin and Crypto accounts on Twitter to follow in 2021!

Andreas Antonopoulos: @aantonop

Andreas is the world’s most knowledgeable and well-respected crypto education expert. A true advocate for crypto, you’re almost guaranteed to find his Tweets to be useful and non-shilling. And while he’s generally talking 90% Bitcoin, his depth of knowledge — which translates well into simple language — continues to be a treasure trove of what’s important and what’s relevant for the industry.

Vitalik Buterin: @VitalikButerin

Famed as the young genius programmer who co-founded Ethereum (though often seen as the figurehead), Vitalik has gradually matured as an influencer keen to distance himself from his original creation and focus instead on long-term development and mass adoption. Not shy to take sides, he is still frequently sought after by others, and a comment or RT from his account is worth its weight in crypto.

Erik Vorhees: @ErikVorhees

Though his influence may have waned over the years, especially with newcomer crypto users, Erik’s reputation as an investor and businessman in crypto has not. His decisions over ShapeShift in 2019 may have lost him some fans, but he straddles the fine line between user adoption and commercial pragmatism. Always worth a follow.

Whale Alert: @whale_alert

While not really an influencer, this Twitter account has over 660,000 followers — due to its real-time alert feature where big crypto movements are tracked and Tweeted as they happen. Speculators often react to such news, and it’s always interesting to see when that huge Bitcoin account dormant for years suddenly becomes active again.

Cobra Bitcoin: @CobraBitcoin

An anonymous coder, Cobra was introduced several years ago as the co-owner of He may not have a million followers, but Cobra’s somewhat powerful influence over Bitcoin, such as removing Coinbase from’s list of recommended exchanges, and contentious comments on Github, have led to people watching his Tweets for clues to future directions of Bitcoin.

Changpeng Zhao: @cz_binance

The very vocal figure of Binance CEO, Changpeng Zhao does have millions of fans. He has personally stepped in to protect or even compensate users during exchange hacks, while donating to charitable causes over the years, so he has a good standing. But he’s a businessman first and not much of a coder, so he will probably never gain the respect of the wider developer community. Still, his Tweets carry a lot of weight… and sometimes, venom.

Whale Panda: @WhalePanda

If you ever wondered what aggressive Bitcoin maximalists sound like, then follow this original Bitcoin holder and self-professed angel investor. He likes picking fights, and the follow-on is a treasure trove of virality.

The Wolf Of All Streets: @scottmelker

Scott Melker is the Wolf of All Streets. He is a trader and investor both privately and at TexasWest Capital, the host of the popular “The Wolf Of All Streets Podcast,” the author of “The Wolf Den” newsletter, and a prolific writer and thought leader in the crypto space.

Roger Ver: @rogerkver

The former owner of became famous when he waged a personal crusade against Bitcoin core developers, forking off to create Bitcoin Cash. He has since become a bit quieter and isn’t so aggressively promoting Bitcoin Cash, but he hasn’t given up on efforts, particularly in Latin America and is still influential in his own right.

Justin Sun: @justinsuntron

Justin hasn’t exactly endeared himself with more serious crypto users, with the partnerships he’s announced with his TRON blockchain: Pornhub and his BitTorrent takeover, for example. But you can’t say that he isn’t an entrepreneur and his antics do catch the attention every now and then.

Brian Armstrong: @brian_armstrong

The CEO of Coinbase shows no lack of passion when driving his vision of crypto adoption, and while Coinbase will always be seen as a corporate machine, the views of Brian are still respected by both traditional and modern finance.

Tone Vays: @ToneVays

Bitcoin maximalist, content creator, derivatives trader and consultant. Tone has worked on Wall Street for almost 10 years starting as a Risk Analyst at Bear Stearns and later becoming a VP at JP Morgan Chase in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis.

Willy Woo: @woonomic

Willy Woo describes himself as a nomad, entrepreneur and investor following the Bitcoin space and mindfulness. He is a pretty good Bitcoin analyst and blogs about cryptocurrency investments at

Michael Saylor: @michael_saylor

Michael Saylor is an American entrepreneur, executive, inventor, author, and philanthropist. The CEO of MicroStrategy believes Bitcoin will continue appreciating in value to the point where the cryptocurrency becomes a “stabilizing influence” for the entire global financial system. He predicted, in a bold call, that bitcoin’s market value would be $100 trillion one day.

CoinDesk: @Coindesk

As close as it gets to a crypto Reuters, Coindesk account is one to follow for breaking news in the crypto and blockchain industry, with professional editors and journalists covering news round the clock globally. 1.2M followers certainly do so.

PlanB: @100trillionUSD

When trader PlanB introduced the Stock-to-Flow model for Bitcoin price, he picked up a lot of fans, since his projections have so far been the most accurate. Frequently updating and producing convincing technical analysis, you’ll want to keep up with his commentary if you want a long-term bullish outlook.

Max Keiser @realmaxkeiser

The host of RT, Max is the Bitcoin maximalist with a vengeance against capitalism, and frequently vocalizes it. Turning 60 hasn’t seemed to dampen his voracious passion for Bitcoin, nor his appetite for heterodox economics theories. He loves a conspiracy.

Pomp @APompliano

He started to invest in crypto more seriously in 2015. Since then, he has spent thousands of hours studying various aspects of finance, interviewing world class investors, listening to startup pitches, helping blockchain entrepreneurs. Also the host of the famous “The Pomp Podcast”

CryptoMarketeer: @kryptomarketeer

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