How Sustainable Is Your Blockchain Marketing?

Companies in this niche sector of blockchain and emerging technology are beginning to realize that only specialized blockchain marketing can really help them bootstrap their online growth.

Whether building solutions for business-to-consumer (B2C) markets, or for enterprise business-to-business (B2B), there is a growing number of agencies out there that are now specializing, understanding that the particular audience isn’t quite the same as the regular online markets for e-commerce. And with each offering their own take at marketing activities aiming at what is still a maturing sector, there seems to be no end to the number of solutions and strategies and tactics sold by freelancers and agencies.

If they can’t see you, you don’t exist

At CryptoMarketeer, we get asked a lot of questions from blockchain and crypto clients who come to us looking to do some form of digital marketing for their blockchain projects, and with scores of new brands popping up every day, it’s natural that clients are anxious for results.

As we’ve spoken about in a past article on SEO, for many companies, this is all about appearing on search engine results. After all, if people can’t see you, then you don’t exist. And thus the temptation to quickly rank, using all kinds of tactics to optimize your website content so that it has strong keywords for your sector, and plenty of backlinks from other reputable websites, among others.

But we’re always about the big picture, and we encourage our clients to look at the same. Especially in the blockchain sector, where fly-by-night startups are more the norm than lasting projects, it’s really important for you to start thinking about building strong foundations for your brand today, so that you have a sustainable future.

Our blockchain marketing services promote a patient strategy that grooms your brand to have the right long-term objectives in mind, to understand what are your goals in marketing, including who your customers are, how best to address their desires, and how best to position your products and services to appeal to these customers.

So we talk less about visitors and traffic — all those things we like to call vanity metrics that are superficial and do very little to actually bring you real leads and real sales. We talk a lot more about things like your brand strength, clear USPs, quality content and user journeys — just because you’re in blockchain doesn’t mean you have to ignore that, people as consumers are still primarily motivated by desires and experiences that lead them to a buying decision!

In other words, we help your brand build itself up so that eventually, you stop looking for people, and people start looking for you.

It’s hard to change people’s minds

While many blockchain marketing firms are able to quickly whip up campaigns that can produce visible results quickly, very few of them realize the medium- and long-term repercussions that could arise from hasty marketing activities.

For example, some firms promise (and can deliver) rapid views and even clicks to your website, increasing its traffic ranking. Or thousands of Telegram, Twitter, Facebook followers. Or an army of Redditors shilling your project for weeks.

But what happens when your real potential customers actually get curious enough to follow through and visit your website? Do you have an actual product or service that’s good enough for them? Do you even have a good-looking website with strong content, and technical documentation?

What happens when interested people actually start to try and engage with these followers on Twitter and Reddit? Will they receive helpful or constructive responses?

How does it look for your brand if people enter your 20,000-strong Telegram group and see nothing but bots?

More likely than not, these first impressions (other than the fact that savvy crypto users can immediately recognize shills) will be ugly. So instead of converting potential leads, you kill off your prospects. Worse, these visitors might even go on to pass on their bad impressions about your brand.

Even if you do eventually get your product and service up to speed, by then, people would have made up their minds about you. Human nature means it’s very difficult to reverse a bad first impression!

Prepping you for the big stage

Putting yourself online and getting seen is important. But when you get on that stage, you want to be ready for the spotlight, and you want to impress. Exploding onto the scene, while being ill-prepared, shoddy and with nothing to show, you’ll only just end up getting booed off the stage.

So when you’re considering your next blockchain marketing activity, or want advice on strategy that works, ask us at CryptoMarketeer. We’re all about delayed gratification that is lasting and sustainable. Our goal is to get you into shape, so that when you finally do make that grand entrance, you’re proud of what you look like and people love what they see.

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