Celebrities in the CryptoWorld

Over the past few months, some well-known celebrities have been coming out of the woodwork to discuss decentralized cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and interestingly many of them moving into the much-hyped ICO space. Celebs are endorsing cryptocurrencies on all kind of social media channels like Twitter and Facebook.

Actor Ashton Kutcher is the co-founder of venture fund A-Grade Investments, who have invested in BitPay as well.

Kutcher said “The bigger thing with Bitcoin is: what can that decentralised technology really do? Imagine if we could decentralise that issue of security, and if we can decentralise security.”

“The notion that we could civically monitor each other in an anonymous way actually keeps the anonymity of the Internet, we don’t have to worry about Big Brother and that same infrastructure that built out Bitcoin could be used in the security industry for mass good…” he added

An interesting fact is that most of celebrities are not doing it on any request or as a result of a paid campaign. The reality is more like that they have personally invested in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies which motivated them to praise those currencies publicly.

“I remember getting interested in Bitcoin some time ago,” Steve Wozniak Apple Co-Founder explained. “It was $70 for a Bitcoin, man and I went online, and you had to have a special bank account at a special bank, and I couldn’t buy any Bitcoin, so I gave up. Eventually, I got some of them at the $700 stage, and it went down to $350. I didn’t invest; I did it so I could play with Bitcoin.” Wozniak said he wanted to see what it was like to try to shop with Bitcoin, at places like restaurants and hotels. “It’s not that easy to do yet, but it’s getting there. I was just playing around trying out how to buy and sell stuff and I didn’t care I lost a ton of money, but now I’m way up,” Wozniak added.

Former Spice Girl and X Factor judge Mel B partnered with London-based CloudHashing to become the first musical artist to accept Bitcoin to purchase her music.

“I love how new technology makes our lives easier, and to me, that’s exciting,” she said. “Bitcoin unites my fans around the world using one currency. They can just pay using Bitcoins.” Mel B

“My next record available in bitcoin n delivered in a drone.” Snoop Dogg tweeted in 2013 December, although the tweet was facetious, he responded more seriously to Bitpay and Coinbase when they reached out to him offering their services.

Floyd Mayweather sent shockwaves across the cryptocurrency industry when he announced on Instagram that he was going to make a “$hit t$n of money” from Stox.com’s ICO.

“Looking forward to participating in the new @LydianCoinLtdToken!” Paris Hilton tweeted on Sunday (03.09.2017)

Lydian tokens are intended to allow people to buy advertising campaigns through it’s parent company, Gravity4, which describes itself as “a leading big data marketing cloud”. It hopes to raise $100m through the sale of the Lydian tokens.

The firm’s chairman and chief executive, Gurbaksh Chahal, had previously pleaded guilty in 2014 to misdemeanour battery charges of domestic violence.

Dennis Rodman’s trip to North Korea was sponsored by Potcoin, a cryptocurrency for the legal marijuana industry. What, exactly, Rodman wanted to accomplish with this trip is unclear but Rodman’s longtime agent

Darren Prince said that “Anyone who knows Dennis knows he’s trying to use his relationship to open the line of communication and send a message of peace and understanding.”

Gwyneth Paltrow last month joined Bitcoin-wallet Abra as an advisor.

“She has been a huge value add,” Abra CEO Bill Barhydt told Forbes.

“She’s opened up her network to us, given us valuable business advice, her insights on running a consumer business with hundreds of thousands of paying customers.”

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